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What is Minimalist Cooking?

Minimalist Cooking is a system that has grown over the years out of my desire to eat deliciously and healthy, with minimum time, effort, and expenses. As navigating today’s food system with its overwhelming choices has become ever more complicated, I found myself on a mission to find the simplest possible ways to source and prepare delicious meals from fresh, organic, unprocessed, local ingredients.

Why use Minimalist Cooking?

Minimalist Cooking will enable you to creatively prepare meals from the ingredients you already have – imagine no recipes, no trips to the store before you want to eat a meal at home, and no leftover ingredients that you don’t know what to do with.

Besides the immediate impact of helping you stay healthy and save time and money, Minimalist Cooking has an impact way beyond the personal level. It puts you back in control over what is in your food, reduces food waste (currently 40% of foods in the U.S. are thrown out), and reduces the dependency on processed foods as well as environmental damages (pesticide use, pollution from shipping foods around the world, etc).

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