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What is Minimalist Cooking?

Minimalist Cooking has grown over the years out of my desire to eat deliciously and healthy, with minimal time, effort, and expenses. As navigating today’s food system with its overwhelming choices has become ever more complicated, I found myself on a mission to find the simplest possible ways to source and prepare delicious meals from fresh, organic, unprocessed, preferably local ingredients.

That defines Minimalist Cooking as: Preparing delicious, healthy meals from fresh, organic, unprocessed, preferably local ingredients made as easy as possible.

For another definition see Jules Clancy’s blog “What Is Minimalist Home Cooking?” She’s a Minimalist Cook and food blogger from Australia.

Why use Minimalist Cooking?

Minimalist Cooking enables you to creatively prepare meals from any ingredients at hand – imagine no recipes, no trips to the store before you want to eat a meal, and no leftover ingredients that you don’t know what to do with.

Besides the immediate impact of helping people eat great, stay healthy, and save time and money, Minimalist Cooking has an impact way beyond the personal level. It puts consumers back in control over what is in their food, reduces food waste (currently 40% of food in the U.S.), and reduces dependencies on processed foods as well as environmental damages from mass production and shipping of foods around the world.

Get started with Minimalist Cooking today!

- Take a private lesson or join a small group class (1-3 students per class)

- Join a larger Minimalist Cooking class at a commercial kitchen! Registration for the Minimalist Cooking Class in collaboration with the Alameda Recreation and Park Department is now open: The class is on Saturday, March 12, 2016, 10AM to 1PM. To register, go to: https://arpdeplay.com/Start/Start.asp, then search for class # 16614. You can also find the class by clicking on “Programs and Classes”–> “Adult Classes” –> Cooking –> Minimalist Cooking”.

- Come join the Minimalist Cooking Meetup – it’s free! We meet about monthly for a delicious dinner from fresh ingredients: SF Bay Area Minimalist Cooking

- Make sure to check out the blog – Lots of great information in there!

- Find The Minimalist Cook on Facebook to stay updated and connected!

- Get in touch: Ask questions, get the latest class schedule, make suggestions, or simply share your thoughts by commenting or emailing johanna@theminimalistcook.com. I love hearing from people!


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