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wall shotI believe eating shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. While we mostly don’t have to hunt, gather, or plant our foods by ourselves anymore (unless we want to), the former challenges of ensuring survival have been replaced by new challenges of navigating our industrialized food system.

Many of the issues with current food production, distribution, and consumption run very deep. There are economic, psychological, sociological, and other aspects to it. I started to think about food when I was living on a student’s budget and still wanted to eat well.

Afterwards I worked in Online Publishing and was mostly starved for time (and, well, for some money, too). Yet I was eating mostly really well. I started to get approached for some tips and at that point realized that the Minimalist Cooking knowledge I had built for myself over the years might be useful to others as well. So I started a blog to share some of it.

As the interest grew I took the leap to offering hands-on, in-person classes and coaching as well. The fascinating thing about this work is that it’s both immediately useful (creating a meal) and transformative, as every person eating well for themselves is helping their family, community, and the environment as well.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Email me! johanna@theminimalistcook.com

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  1. Johanna has the passion and ability to release you from the ‘Fake’ food world and guide you to smart and simple eating = good health!
    Let her show you how!

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