What People Say

Casey Cordes, Emeryville, CA:

Just this quick postscript concerning you & my first ever cooking class…
As I had NO idea what to expect from this experience, I felt everything worked out extremely well […]  [Y]our obvious enthusiasm & comfort of the subject, your patience with my constant interrupting questions, and your easy laugh with my ineptness made the entire session most enjoyable and educational.  Hope to continue with at least a couple more ‘hands on’ lessons.
I give you a High Five and Five Gold Stars.


Christopher Knapp, Alameda, CA:

I would not be surprised if Johanna has her own TV show or very popular video-blog one day soon. NOW is your chance to experience the ‘early days.’


Leah Forbes, Emeryville, CA:

Good morning Johanna,

I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to your class it was pretty awesome I think you have something here.. Don’t give up on your Dream!! It was so informative and it’s already opened my eyes to nature, yesterday I saw blackberries and rasperries while I was working out I’m already more aware. Also I shared some of the information that you taught me with a friend of mine.

Thank you,
Have a Great Week!!


 Malia Ross, Oakland, CA:

The soup was amazing. We put in beets, yams, brussel sprouts, onion, corn, kale, bok choy, carrot, parsnip. Wow! It was amazing. Thank you for teaching me how to make soup!


Crystal Tan, Berkeley, CA / Guangzhou, China:

It is an amazing experience, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. Thanks Johanna for organizing the event in a great place, you are a great cook, you can make some simple food to become super delicious food, I am so happy to learn from you.

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